Experience the taste of your own freshly caught fish (snapper, mackerel, tuna, mahi mahi amongst many others). In Cambutal we have the privilege of having one of the best coastlines for fishing in the world. The untouched waters of the pacific ocean still holds many world records in fish caught from kayak.  The abundance of seasonal tuna speaks for itself and the year around snapper caught from shores is just one of many fish that we pride ourselves in being able to enjoy. The level of fishing experience depends on you. We have everthing from a picnic day with shore fishing to fishing for tuna, mackerel, mahi-mahi and others from boat and even world class spear fishing. You chose the adventure you desire.

My birthday at sea

Cambutal dolphins

Visiting Cambutal for the first time, we were recommended to stay for at least a week. My boyfriend was not into surfing and neither was it, so we were naturally a little bit interested to see what else we could do. My birthday was also during our visit to Cambutal and i wanted it to be something to remember.

My boyfriend wanted to surprise me with a day at sea. He wanted to take me out fishing, which was something that i had never done before. So with La Brisa we organized a local fisherguide and early in the morning we sat in the boat going out to sea prepared to catch our dinner. It would turn our that we didn’t catch anything that day. But WHAT a day it was. Whitin 30 minutes dolphins came and played with the us along the boat.

This was one of my most perfect birthdays. We didn’t catch any fish that day, but the hole experience with a local fisherman and sightings of wild dolphins, sea turtles, marlins and stingrays jumping was more than enough to make me want to call it perfect!

And this was not the touristy dolphin sightings where you chase them in a boat along with 300 nikon cameras constantly shuttering away. No the dolphins came to us. And this was only to be followed up by the regular sea turtle popping its head up for a breath of air before swimming on. It was just a really exciting day all in all and on the way in we saw two marlins hanging out in the surface of the ocean. For me, I don’t know anything about fishing. But from the local fisherman and my boyfriend these enormous creatures were just such a beauty to witness up close without the lure out to get them.

All in all i couldn’t have wished for a better day to spend it with my closest!